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QuickSCRIP offers the ability to to mark scrips that have been transferred in or out from other locations. This can be useful for tracking where scrips are coming from and going to, and can be used to run a variety of reports.

By default, this program is disabled. There is no charge to activate it. Please contact Cost Effective Computers at (866) 259-6091 if you wish to use this feature.

Adding Pharmacies

In order to track where a prescription has been transferred to/from, you will need to build a database of pharmacy locations.

  1. Start in the RX Processing Menu
  2. Select Option 30 Pharmacies File Maint
  3. Type A to Add a pharmacy location, and give it a name.
  4. Populate the remaining information as you need.

This database can be searched and updated similarly to how Customer or Insurance databases are.

Marking a Scrip

Once you have added a pharmacy location, you can mark the prescription. Scrips can be marked from RXFILL or EDIT screens.

  1. In RXFILL or EDIT screen, pull up the scrip to be marked.
  2. In the menu at the bottom, type the % key, and the transfer box will appear.
  3. Search for the pharmacy location you added.
  4. Enter the date of transfer, and populate any other fields you want. The Enter key advances once line through the data until you reach the menu at the bottom.
  5. At the menu, I will mark the scrip as transferred IN and O will mark as transferred OUT.
    • T will generate a printout of the scrip.
    • P will take you to the Pharmacies File Maint screen
    • Q will take you out of the Transfer screen without saving the data.
    • D will delete the transfer info.
  6. When done, press S to Save the info. QuickSCRIP will automatically add /XFERIN or /XFEROUT to the SIGs.
  7. The scrip is now marked. You can enter % again at a later time to view or edit the transfer info.


Once a scrip has been marked, you can then use this info to generate reports.

Under the F7 Report Generator there are some pre-configured reports that can be run under the Format field (line 10).

  • Rx's Xferd In/Out by Pharmacy, Summary will give you a simple report that alphabetically lists all pharmacies you've sent/received scrips from, along with a total number of scrips.

Additionally, there are some switches that can be used on the Code field (line 9) to help refine F7 reports:

  • /XFER prints ALL scrips that have been marked as transferred (in or out).
  • /XOUT prints only scrips that have been marked as outgoing (/XFEROUT in SIGs)
  • /XIN prints only scrips that have been marked as incoming(/XFERIN in SIGS)
  • /XPH specify a transfer pharmacy
  • /XFIO specify a transfer date by all IN and OUT scrips
  • /XFIN specify a transfer date by all INcoming scrips
  • /XFOT specify a transfer date by all OUTgoing scrips