Touch Screen Alignment

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Occasionally (most often due to a windows update), the POS touch screen will go out of alignment, and will require re-calibration for the touch feature to function. Follow these steps to re-calibrate your device.

1 Locate the ELO Touch Screen Icon

Icon will be located in the bottom right of the Windows System tray.

ELO Icon

2 Right Click Icon and Select 'Align' Option

This will begin an alignment test.

Icon Options

3 Touch the on-screen Targets

The Screen will turn blue. Three targets will appear in different corners of the screen. Touch them firmly with your finger. The green bar is a timer, and will cancel the alignment test if it fills up before the target is touched.

Example of alignment test

4 Touch the Green Checkmark

This will end the alignment test. Your POS touch screen should function normally after that.

Alignment test finished