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Switch Program Icons

QuickSCRIP is able to fill prescriptions and generate electronic insurance claims, but in order to transmit those claims to an insurance company, we require a third-party switching program.

Third party switching programs run on your QuickSCRIP server computer, typically as a background program or windows service. When an electronic claim is transmitted, QuickSCRIP hands the file off to the switching program, who then sends it to the insurance company and provides QuickSCRIP with a response file. These programs require a contract with your pharmacy and charge a switching fee (usually $0.05 - $0.07) per electronic claim transmitted. Additionally, switches can provide services like Pre-and-Post Editing (PPE) or automatic e-vouchers.

Commonly used switches include:

  • Rxlinc
  • RelayHealth (NDC Securetrans)
  • DataRx

We recommend a pharmacy be contracted with at least two switches so that one can serve as backup if the other is experiencing transmission issues.

Changing your Switch

Sometimes a switch can have problems transmitting a claim. They may be down for maintenance or be having connectivity issues. In those instances, you'll commonly get a claim rejections like No ANSWER VIA INTERNET, HOST PROCESSING ERROR, or NETWORK HOST UNAVAILABLE.

Before your change your switch

First, check to make sure you are not getting the same reject on other insurances. Sometimes your switch can be working fine, and it's an insurance group that is actually down. Second, check to make sure your internet at the store is working. Open a web browser and try to connect to a few different websites. If your web browser fails as well, then the issue could be with your internet service provider or your local network.

  1. Turn off your old switching program and turn on your backup switch in Windows.
    • Typically, these are setup as an icon on the Windows desktop.
  2. Go to the Pharmacy Main Menu
  3. Select Option 3 Utilities
  4. Select Option 3 Business Control File
  5. Select Screen 4 Additional Rx Custom Screen 1
  6. Chance Line 2 Internet Switching Port to your new switch.
    • Rxlinc is 94
    • RelayHealth is 97
    • DataRx is 96

After you have changed your switch, go into the RXFILL or EDIT screen and test a claim.

If you are an NDC Securetrans user and are experiencing issues with the red clover icon, click here.

Sending claims over a FaxModem

Multitech, US Robotics, and Startech modems

In addition to having alternate switches, it is also recommended that you have a backup faxmodem. The faxmodem sends claims to the insurance company over your phoneline, bypassing your internet connection. This is ideal for situations where your internet may be down (a common occurrence after bad weather).

By default, QuickSCRIP transmits claims via internet, and only offers to send over the modem if we fail to connect to the insurance company. You can change the default transmission settings as needed:

  1. Start in the Pharmacy Main Menu or Rx Processing Menu
  2. Choose Option 97 Set Internet Switch Flag
    • ON tells QuickSCRIP that the internet is working, and to transmit claims via your regular switch.
    • OFF tells QuickSCRIP that the internet is inactive, and to route transmissions to the modem.

Note: You may have to exit RXFILL or EDIT before the change will apply.

Test your Modem

Most stores are equipped with a US Robotics, StarTech, or a Multitech brand faxmodem, and we recommend that you test it regularly to make sure it is in working order.

  • Check to make sure the device is plugged in correctly. There should be three cables: one for power, one to connect to the computer, and one that connects to a working phone line.
  • Check to make sure the device is recognized by Windows. You can locate the device by checking Phone and Modem options under the Windows Control Panel.
  • Check to make sure you can transmit claims.

Note StarTech USB modems only require a connection to the computer and the phone line. Additionally, if you use Activefax, be aware that this program uses your modem to send and receive electronic faxes, and must be turned off for you to be able to send claims.

If you have difficulty with any of these steps, contact Cost Effective Computers at (866) 259-6091.