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QuickSCRIP is able to send and receive electronic claims from your doctor via the Surescripts/E-prescribing network. If you are interested in integrating with Surescripts, please contact Cost Effective Computers at (866) 259-6091 to initiate the process.

The Surescripts Queue allows the user to view, print, and fill incoming/outgoing Surescripts claims. It is located in Option 18 of the Rx Processing Menu. Please note that the queue can only be accessed if Surescripts integration is active on your system.

Viewing and Sorting

By default, QuickSCRIP displays all outgoing refill requests that have not been accepted by the doctor. You can view these requests page by page, or you can skip directly to incoming claims with C to continue. If QuickSCRIP is set to display incoming scrips first, the W for Waiting will take you to the outgoing queue. Both incoming and outgoing lists are sorted by time and date, from Newest to Oldest by default.

Along the bottom of the screen we display sorting options that correspond with the F-keys on your keyboard. Sorting options include:

  • F3 - Alphabetically by Patient Name
  • F4 - Chronologically from Oldest to Newest Time
  • F5 - Alphabetically by Doctor Name
  • F6 - Numerical List by Surescripts Record Number (this is an internally assigned number within the QuickSCRIP program)
  • F7 - Sorts by Source (for if the queue receives incoming claims for different facilities)
  • F9 - Chronologically from Newest to Oldest (default)

In addition the customer can also

  • S to Show All claims, which will include any claims that have been hidden from the main queue by a user.
  • C to Search the queue for a specific customer.
  • E to End which exits the queue and returns the user to the Rx Processing Menu.


By choosing the corresponding number to a claim, QuickSCRIP will display more information about that claim. From here, we provide more commands pertaining to that specific claim:

  • E to End which exits the queue and returns the user to the Rx Processing Menu.
  • F to Fill which takes the customer to the RXFILL screen to process the prescription.
  • H will Hide the claim from the Surescripts Queue. We will then prompt the user for the user for the date they would like

this claim to reappear in the queue on.

  • D to Delete the claim from the Queue. QuickSCRIP will still store the claim, but you will need to contact a Cost Effective Computers help desk representative to recover the claim.
  • S will display the claim's history in the Surescrips File Maintenance Screen. This is primarily used for diagnostic purposes.
  • T to Print a Surescripts hardcopy on your report printer.
  • Q will Quit and return you to the queue.
  • L to Link this Surescripts claim to a customer in your database. This is useful if you have a customer whose name differs from what the doctor sent.
  • U will let you Unlink which can reverse the link process above if you accidentally link accounts that shouldn't be.

Optional Settings

The Surescripts Queue can be further customized from the Business Control File.

  1. Start in the Pharmacy Main Menu
  2. Choose Option 3 Utilities
  3. Choose Option 3 Business Control File
  4. From there, select Option 18 Surescripts Info screen

On any line, you can press F1 for an explanation of that setting and what it affects.

24. Auto-delete Ref Request Days. QuickSCRIP can be set to autmatically delete any unanswered refill requests that are older than this set number of days.

25. Skip Ref Request in Queue? This setting allows the user to bypass outgoing claims in the queue and directly view incoming claims first.

26. Refill Request Que Sort Order? Changes the default sorting order of refill requests (outgoing claims).

27. Que Disp format: Changes the sort order of incoming Surescript claims.

28. Que Rx's per screen: QuickSCRIP can be set to display 3 prescriptions per page or 6 prescriptions per page in a smaller font.