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In the upcoming weeks, Surescripts will be migrating to a newer version, and is requiring that all customers update in order to maintain functionality.

What Has Changed

We have strived to make sure this has as little impact on your workflow and day-to-day process as possible. Surescripts will function essentially as it always has in Quickscrip. You will still be able to send and receive prescriptions from doctors, they will still be shown in the Surescripts Queue, and you will be able to fill them directly from the queue as you always have. However there are a few minor changes we would like to call your attention to.

Doctor SPI Lookup

There have been minor changes to the functionality of the Doctor Surescripts look-up feature. You will still be able to look up doctors by pressing U in the Doctor File Maintenance screen. Instead of pulling up a database within Quickscrip, we will now open an external window, allowing you to import that data in to Quickscrip.

New Look-up Window

The window can be closed via the X button, or it will close automatically when you Insert SPI or Add New Local Doc Record.

Doctor Cancel Messages

Doctors can now send you cancellation requests for prescriptions via Surescripts, these are noted in the Surescripts queue with a highlighted CANCEL tag. These claims should be looked up in Quickscrip, marked as discontinued (with a /DC in the Sigs) and then the message can be deleted from the queue. We are working to streamline this process in future updates.

Report any Issues

We've worked hard to make sure this update is as seamless as possible. If you experience any issues, errors, or bugs, please contact our Support Team at your earliest convenience.

  • Customer Support: (866) 259-6091
  • Fax: (706) 259-0679
  • Or E-mail us at

Thank you, and have a pleasant day!