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Occasionally, you may need to dispense medication for a customer with directions in Spanish. While QuickSCRIP does not translate English SIGs into Spanish, we offer some pre-made Spanish SIG, as well as the the ability for the user to create custom ones.

Spanish SIGs are not set by default and need to be installed on your system before you can use them. Please contact a support representative if you are interested in this feature.

Using a Spanish SIG

There are two ways to use Spanish SIGs in QuickSCRIP:

  1. Enter the code directly into the SIG line in the RXFILL or EDIT screens.
    • Spanish Codes that have English equivalent codes are prefixed with a lower-case s.
    • Example: s1TB would be the Spanish Equivalent of 1TB and would print "Tomo una cucharada grande" in place of "Take one Tablespoonful".
  2. Mark the patient to use Spanish SIGS (See below). Doing so will have QuickSCRIP substitute Spanish SIGs for English SIGs automatically, if equivalent instructions exist in your system.

Marking a patient for Spanish SIGs

To mark a patient to use Spanish SIGs:

  1. Start in the Pharmacy Main Menu
  2. Go to option 13 Patient File Maint.
  3. Search for the patient.
  4. Set Spanish repts? Line 16, to a Y
    • Note: This will also set monographs to print in Spanish.

When filling a prescription in RXFILL or EDIT, QuickSCRIP will try to substitute a Spanish SIG (prefixed with a lower-case s) if one exists.

Creating Custom Spanish SIGs

You can create your own Spanish SIGs:

  1. Start in the Pharmacy Main Menu
  2. Go to option 12 "SIG File Maint.
  3. Choose "A' to Add a new SIG.
  4. Prefix a Spanish SIG with a lower-case s when you name it one line 1, and make sure it matches an English SIG's name
  5. Enter the Spanish translation on lines 2-5
  6. Answer the remaining lines as appropriate or leave them blank.