Service Provider ID

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The Service Provider ID and Service Provider ID Type fields are used to identify the pharmacy that transmitted the claim. These values are sent in fields B2-202 and B1-201.

The ID type indicates to the Insurance Provider what kind ID number is being sent.

  • 1 indicates an NPI (National Provider Identification) Number
  • 5 indicates a Medicaid Provider Number
  • 7 indicates an NABP Number

QuickSCRIP uses the NPI, Medicade Provider Number, or NABP values from the Business Control File, screen 1. By default QuickSCRIP transmits the NPI. The following commands can also influence these fields:

  • /PIX (Insurance Vendor File Maintenance, screen 3, line 16) tells QS to use whatever value is on line 19
  • /PB sends NABP instead of NPI