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Green and Red clover icons

Many QuickSCRIP users transmit claims via NDC Securetrans. You can tell if the program is running by checking the icons in the system tray, by the windows clock. NDC Securetrans will show a green clover.

Red Clover

Occasionally, the NDC securetrans icon will change from green to red and you will be unable to transmit any claims. There are a few things that can cause this:

  1. NDC is open more than once.
    • To fix this, close all instances of NDC Securetrans in the system tray (right click and close) or reboot your server. Then, open NDC Securetrans from the desktop.
  2. The connection to Relay Health is down
    • Sometimes Relay Health shuts down for mainatainence. If you have any alternative claims switches, you might want to migrate to them for a few hours. Click here for instructions.
  3. Your internet connection is down
    • You'll need to contact your Internet Service Provider to restore internet connection. As an alternative, you can transmit claims over your faxmodem.
  4. Your Server was shut down suddenly (typically during electrical storms).
    • You will need to delete 700.lck from the system, please follow the instructions below.

Deleting 700.lck

NDC has a feature that prevents it from being opened multiple times, which can prevent you from double-transmitting. When the first instance of NDC is opened, it creates a lockout file called 700.lck. If any other instance of NDC is opened, it checks for this file, and if it sees that file it goes RED.

Sometimes if a computer is shut down suddenly, 700.lck does not get cleared out, and this causes NDC to think that it's already opened. To fix this, follow these instuctions.

  1. Shut Down all instances of NDC Securetrans in Windows.
  2. Open the My Computer Icon on the desktop.
  3. Browse to C:\SecureTrans or C:\Program_Files\Relayhealth.
  4. Delete 700.lck from the folder.
  5. Restart NDC Securetrans on the Desktop.

The icon should turn green, and you should be able to transmit claims normally again.