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QuickSCRIP offers multiple ways to search your customer database for a patient. These search methods can be useful when you are searching for customer info while on the phone, or don't have access to immediate details such as a full name, or if the customer's name is different from the one given. The following search methods work from the Customer Name line in both the RXFILL and EDIT screens.

All of these search options are also listed at the bottom of the RXFILL screen if the customer line is selected.

  • Name Searches
    • You can search for customer names in LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME or LASTNAME/FIRSTNAME formats. This method also supports incomplete names, which pulls up all names that match your entry, or you can search by last name alone.
  • Rx Number
    • You can enter an Rx Number to pull up the entire prescription. You can stack prescriptions using the , (comma) key for group processing.
  • Phone Number
    • You can search by a complete or incomplete cell phone number with / as a prefix. Searches would be entered as "/5551231234". You can also search by area code with "/555".
  • Date of Birth
    • Ideal for confirming customer identities, you can search for DOBs by prefixing them with a . (period). Search format is ".ddmmyy" with no slashes.
  • Address
    • QuickSCRIP can search by complete or incomplete address lines by using S/. If you wanted all customers that lived on Main Street, you could search with "S/MAIN".
  • Comments Line
    • You can use C/ to search for a customer based on any freeform notes you have entered in the comments line. If you used this line to mark a hospice patient with the word "HOSPICE". You could search with "C/HOSPICE" and any patients with that word in the comments line would appear in your picklist.
  • Word File
    • Similar to the comments line search discussed above, QuickSCRIP can also search the F11 Notes attached to a patient with W/.