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QuickSCRIP offers the ability to run profitability reports, which allow you to track profit values over a range of dates. This report gives you a breakdown of your sales by Rx Type (Cash, Charge, Medicaid, or Third Party) and New Scrips vs Refills. In addition to this, we track pricing values as well as gross profit by percent.

Running the Report

  1. Start in the Rx Processing Menu
  2. Choose Option 33 Rx Profitability
  3. The report will then prompt you for a Date or Date Range
    • Note: QuickSCRIP will only prompt you for a date range if you are using the new dual billing programs. Otherwise, you will only be able to run profitability for single days.
  4. QuickSCRIP will then compile and display the report. Form here, you can P to print the report, E to exit the report and return to the previous menu, or <CR> (Enter Key) to go

back to the top and run the report for another date range.

Alternatively, you can reach the Profitability report by

  1. Starting in the Pharmacy Main Menu
  2. Choosing Option 4 Reports
  3. Choosing Option 1 Rx Reports
  4. Choosing Option 5 Rx Profitability

Additional Settings

There are settings in the Business Control File that can influence how QuickSCRIP calculates profit.

  1. Start in the Pharmacy Main Menu
  2. Choose Option 3 Utilities
  3. Choose Option 3 Business Control File
  4. Choose Option 3 Rx Pricing Customization

Line 20 Use Acq profit? line can impact the profitability report.

  • Y, W, and O Will calculate your profit from ACQ (for both screens and reports)
  • L, M, and P will calculate your profit from ACQ for daily logs only.


By default, the profitability reports are accessible by any user. QuickSCRIP offers the ability to lock down any profit reports and screens with a password. If you are interested in using this feature, please contact Cost Effective Computers at (866) 259-6091.