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QuickShots is a browser-based application that integrates with QuickSCRIP pharmacy software, and allows for the quick and easy organizing and transmission of vaccine data to your state’s vaccine database.

The application is available upon request, and at no cost.

Signing Up With Your State

Each state has a different sign-up process, which will need to be completed before you can begin submitting vaccines to them. Each state’s process will be listed here as they are finalized.

Georgia - GRITS

Georgia Customers will sign up for GRITS via their website, found here. https://www.grits.state.ga.us/production/security_ui.showLogin

You will receive an Organization ID which we will need to complete integration.

Tennessee - TENNIS

Contact Cost Effective Computers, and an Agent will guide you through the sign-up process.

TENNIS requires batch of 70 – 100 live shots be sent as testing data prior to being fully activated. This can be done in QuickSHOTs once the software has been installed.

Alabama - ImmPrint

Contact Cost Effective Computers, and you will be added to the waiting list. We will contact you when Alabama is ready to processes vaccine information.

Other States

We are in the process integrating with:

  • Ohio
  • Virginia

Setting up QuickSCRIP

Certain drugs and customers will need to be prepared in QuickSCRIP before you can begin to submit vaccines via QuickSHOTS. It is recommended you do this step as early as possible.

Setup Vaccines

Drugs that you wish to submit will need to be marked as Vaccines. Additionally, you can setup CVX, Manufacturer Codes, and Publishing Dates in QuickSCRIP so that you don't have to fill them out in the QuickSHOTS application.

  1. Start in the Pharmacy Main Menu
  2. Choose Option 11 Drug File Maint.
  3. Search for the Vaccine Name, and select it from the picklist.
    • Verify that the NDC in the system matches the one on the vial/syringe.
    • Verify that the drug is marked as a vaccine on line 38 Code Line.
      • There is an additional option to specify Covid Shots. This functions the same as marking a drug as a vaccine, but allows for more detailed reporting and covid vaccine-specific functions.
    • Attach a Lot Number (if applicable) also on line 38 Code Line.
  4. Press F11 to go to the Drug Notes screen.
  5. Add the CVX, Manufacturer Code, and VIS Publication date to the drug notes.
    • CVX codes are added as /CVX=xxxxx (where xxxxx is the code). A list of CVX codes can be found here.
    • Manufacturer Codes are added as /MANUF=xxxxx (where xxxxx is the code). A list of Manufacturer codes can be found here.
    • VIS Publication dates are entered as /PUB=mmddyy (no slashes). A list of Publication dates can be found here.
    • Additionally, common CVX and Manufacturer codes can be found here.

Drug File, Line 38

Use the following info for the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine:

  • /CVX=207
  • /PUB=120120

Vaccine Drug Notes

Setup Customers

Some states require that you include a customer's Race and Ethnicity.

  1. Start in the Pharmacy Main Menu
  2. Choose Option 13 Patient File Maint.
  3. Search for the Patient Name, and select it from the picklist.
  4. Type O4 to go to Patient Screen 4.
  5. Race and Ethnicity are set on lines 13 and 14. When you select that line, a menu will give you options to pick from.

Customer Screen 4

QuickSCRIP can also be set to ask the customer for Race and Ethnicity during the prescription filling process.

  1. Start in the Pharmacy Main Menu
  2. Type 3 for Utilities
  3. Type 3 for Business Control File
  4. Choose 6 Additional Rx Custom Screen 3
  5. Line 43 Ask for Race on Covid?

Site Codes

QuickSHOTs allows you to manually select and send injection sites for each claim, prior to submission. Some customers wish to send their claims in bulk, but this requires that the claims include the injection site codes in QuickSCRIP.

To send the Injection Site, use /SITE= and the corresponding code in the prescription's SIG lines:

Code Description
LA Left Arm
LD Left Deltoid
LG Left Gluteus Medius
LLFA Left Lower Forearm
LT Left Thigh
LVL Left Vastus Lateralis
RA Right Arm
RD Right Deltoid
RG Right Gluteus Medius
RLFA Right Lower Forearm
RT Right Thigh
RVL Right Vastus Lateralis

Getting Quickshots Installed

Once your state has approved you for submission, and we have your Organization ID, we can install QuickSHOTS on your system. A Cost Effective Computers representative will contact you to schedule a time for installation.

This process takes approximately 30 minutes, during which the agent will need full control of your QuickSCRIP Server. Your will be free to process prescriptions on any secondary terminals during this installation.

Getting Data to QuickSHOTS

Once you have been setup with GRITS, and your drugs have been properly marked, you can submit vaccine data to GRITS via the QuickSHOTs interface.

  1. Start in the Pharmacy Main Menu or Rx Processing Menu.
  2. Press the F7 key to shortcut to the F7 Report Generator.
  3. Set your date range and customer info.
  4. On Line 10, select QuickSHOTS from the Formats picklist.
  5. Select P to print.
  6. The report will run, and you will be taken to the QuickSHOTS interface in a web browser. Here you can view, edit, and submit vaccine data to GRITS.

Submitting to the State

After submitting the report, QuickSHOTS will open in a web browser, and look similar to this:

Quickshots main interface

All of the Rxs that have been marked as vaccines within the date range you chose will appear here. You may send them in bulk via the Send All or you can modify and send vaccines individually by clicking the Select button.

Individual Vaccine interface

Here, additional data can be modified, including customer information, vaccine injection sites, LOT numbers and more.