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This is the identifier for the doctor. The Type precedes the doctor's id and informs the insurance what kind of ID is being used. To change what Doc ID is sent, add one of the codes below to Screen 3, Line 16 of that specific Insurance Vendor, and remove any conflicting codes.

By default, QuickSCRIP sends the Type 01, and the Doctor's NPI number.

Type Description Switches
01 NPI Sent by Default, formerly /RI
05 Medicaid # /RD
08 State Code /RC
10 HIN /RH
99 Other (none)

Additionally, the following switches can impact these fields:

  • /RL Sends Doctor's Last Name in the Prescriber ID field
  • /RM Sends Doctor's full name in the Prescriber ID field
  • /RX Sends Doctor's DEA if other fields are blank
  • /R* Converts slashes to asterisks in the doctor number field
  • /R@ Converts slashes to at symbols
  • /RW Checks Doctor F11 Notes for alternative name