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QuickPOS offers the ability to electronically report Pseudoephedrine (Sudafed) sales to ApprissHealth. Once your pharmacy has registered with ApprissHealth, this feature can be enabled with help from a Cost Effective Computers Help Desk Representative.

Setting Up Inventory

Before QuickPOS can submit the report, you will need to ensure that your PSE products are correctly flagged in your inventory, and that they are marked with the correct amount of PSE product.

  1. Start in the POS Main Screen.
  2. Select the Maintenance button.
  3. Select Items.
  4. Scan the UPC barcode of the product, this will search for its inventory profile.
  5. Set the following values:
    • Check the PSE box, this marks the drug so it will be reported.
    • Enter the amount of Pseudophedrine in the Quantity field as GRAMS per BOX of product. (Example: a product with 175 milligrams would enter 0.175).
    • Set the unit type to BOX.
  6. Save your changes to the drug.

POS Item Screen

Reporting PSE Sales

Once the PSE report has been setup, Quickscrip will automatically ask for the drivers license of the customer at the time of sale. Once the method of payment has been selected, a popup box will allow you to manually enter the information, or you can auto-populate the fields using the barcode scanner. On the back of the license, scan the larger of the two barcodes (cover up the smaller one with your thumb to prevent the scanner from pulling the wrong information.)

Once the information has been entered, press submit. ApprissHealth will then respond with an accepted message, and you can continue with the transaction as normal.

License Scanning Screen

Sometimes, you will receive a rejection from AprissHealth, after submitting a PSE sale. This is commonly triggered when the customer’s drivers license has been flagged in their system, or if the customer is trying to purchase an unauthorized quantity of PSE. The sale must then be canceled or overridden with the Safety Override button (see below, used for emergencies only). QuickPOS does not display the reason for the rejection, instead, pressing the Print Rejection button will generate a receipt for the customer, which will direct them to a website for an explanation of the rejection.

The Safety Override Button

Use this button only for emergencies!

The Safety Override Button

The Safety Override button allows you to override a PSE reject and complete the sale. This button is only to be used in instances where the point of sale operator's well-being is endangered, where allowing a sale to finish would avoid a dangerous or violent situation. Doing so will both flag the customer as an immediate danger, and flag the pharmacy for PSE audit.

Use this button only for emergencies!