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The following is a user guide to get you started on the QuickPOS system.


  1. Turn POS system on via the spring-loaded button underneath monitor (if power is off).
  2. Login under username QuickPOS password is RX.
  3. On POS Server, make sure Net Epay (DSI) is running on the background.
  4. Double-click "QuickPOS shortcut".
  5. Cursor should always be in top-left corner.

You are now ready to use the QuickPOS Point of Sale system.

Close Till

  1. In the QuickPOS software, tap CLOSE TILL.
  2. Choose correct date (tap "today" if correct).
  3. Remove the amount you started with in Till first - Count Drawer (press Tab after entering amount each time).
  4. Tap DONE.

Run End-of-Day Report (PDF)

  1. Tap Maintenance.
  2. Tap Reports.
  3. Tap EOD (pdf).
  4. Choose correct date and pages, then print.

Adding/Editing Items for OTC

  1. Tap Maintenance.
  2. Tap Items.
  3. Scan Barcode
  4. Type description and price. Also, choose correct Department, and note whether it is FSA or Taxable before you save.

Additional Notes

  • Scan any item with a barcode. If the item is in the system already, you have to adjust price permanently from Maintenance -> Items. Otherwise, you can adjust prices per transactions for efficiency.
  • If a customer wants to pay partially with check or credit card, run these transactions fist, then 'charge to their account last.