POS Workstation Components

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The following is a hardware list for the Quick POS (Point of Sale) platform, which consists of 6 major components.

  1. An All-in-one Computer Workstation
    • Touch-Screen Interface
    • Includes wireless keyboard and mouse
  2. Receipt Printer
    • Optional check reader feature
  3. Credit Card Machine / Signature Pad
  4. 2-D Bar-code Scanner
  5. Cash Register Drawer
  6. LCD Customer Display
    • Unit is attached to back of Workstation or attached to optional pole (see images)

When ordering your POS system, please make note of where the registers(s) will be located on your sales floor. Depending on your customer's view, the optional pole may be needed to display the LCD screen. The images below show the two configurations (one with and without pole). The pole allows you to move the display up to 4-feet away from the register, depending on nearest power source. Please notify your sales representative so one can be included with the unit, if needed.

Quick POS Quick POS with optional display pole