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If you are using QuickSCRIP to track your inventory, you can run reports notify you of what on-shelf items are old or unused. This report will only work if your on-shelf and in system inventory are accurate.

  1. Start in the Pharmacy Main Menu
  2. Choose option 4 Reports
  3. Choose option 2 Drug Reports
  4. Choose Option 1 Drugs by Drug name or NDC #
  5. On lines 1 and 2 set your drug name range, or leave blank and put and NDC range on lines 3 and 4.
  6. On line 5, add the following switches /QH+/SDY.
    • The /QH+ command tells it to only list drugs with a positive on-hand quantity.
    • The /SDY command tells it to only print drugs that have not been used since an entered number of days. QuickSCRIP will prompt you for this number after entering past the switch line.
  7. You can then choose to E to Exit the program or Y to generate the report. N will take you back to the top of the program.