Using the Faxmodem for Insurance Claims

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QuickSCRIP offers a built-in backup feature that allows electronic insurance claims to be transmitted over a faxmodem. This is very useful in situations where your internet may be down temporarily.

QuickSCRIP customers are typically setup with a US Robotics or Multitech brand external modem. We recommend users test the modem regularly to ensure it is functioning during emergencies.

Sending Through the Modem

When filling, QuickSCRIP will automatically offer to transmit individual claims over the modem, but only if we get a "No answer via Internet" error message. QuickSCRIP can be set to default to your faxmodem by following these steps.

  1. Start in the Pharmacy Main Menu or Rx Processing Menu
  2. Choose option 97 Set Internet Switch Flag
    • Setting Flag to On defaults claims to use your internet connection.
    • Setting Flag to Off defaults claims to use your faxmodem.


Some customers also utilize the Activefax program, which electronically manages your incoming and outgoing faxes. This program makes use of your faxmodem. If you plan to use your faxmodem for claims transmissions, disable Activefax first.

Activefax can be disabled via the Stop Activefax Service icon, which is found on your desktop. Alternatively, you can right-click the Activefax icon in the system tray (Lower right-hand corner of the screen, by the system clock) and disable Activefax there.