Low Profit Report

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Quickscrip can print a page on your daily log that will list all prescriptions with a profit less than an amount you set. This is a quick way to search for possible problems on a drug, insurance, or price table.

Set Profit Threshold

From any menu, type UB and press Enter to go to Business Control File Maintenance.

Type 3 and Enter to go to the Rx Pricing Customization.

Set line 21, ACQ Cost Profit Warn Amount, to the lowest amount you want to accept for profit. If you only want to see negatives, set this amount to $.01. The example below shows the amount set to $2.00.


Add Low Profit to the Daily Log

From Business Control File Maintenance, type 8 and Enter to go to Rx Label and Report Customization.

Add /LQ to the end of line 25, Daily Log Switches. If you are out of space, please give us a call. Example below.