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The following is a list of general user tips. These features are system-wide, and are very useful for quickly navigating and utilizing QuickSCRIP pharmacy software.

Enter/Return and <CR>

Enter and Return are the same function, but are labeled differently from keyboard to keyboard.

Occasionally, QuickSCRIP will prompt you to press <CR>.
This is a carryover phrase from typewriters, which stands for Carriage Return. On modern computers, this is the Enter key.

F1 Universal Help Key

If you'd like to know what function a line in QuickSCRIP serves, you can press F1 while the cursor is on that line for a help guide. This is especially useful for finding out the options and settings in the Business Control File.

While in the FILL screen, if you'd like a list of common SIG commands for overrides and additional codes, you can press F1 while a cursor is on the SIG line. QuickSCRIP will display SIGs, along with an explanation of the command. Some SIGs like DUR and Other coverage does, wil lalso open a pick list and auto populate the SIG for you.


Sample Teamviewer Screen

Quickscrip integrates with Teamviewer remote desktop software to help with technical support. At any time, you can go to one of the major menus and enter 87, which will initiate the team viewer program.

In Windows, a small blue box will assign you a Teamviewer ID number, which you can give to a Cost Effective Computers Help Desk Representative, which will allow then to remotely view your screen and provide assistance.

Flip Screens

Each terminal running QuickSCRIP has two "tasks" or "screens" that a user can flip between by pressing Control + F on the keyboard. This is very useful for multitasking situations, where a technician might fill a prescription on one task, and flip to another task to lookup or edit information without loosing their place.

Flip tasks can also be configured to have different colored backgrounds than primary tasks, or they can be set to print to different printers for labels and reports. These features can be useful for pharmacies that want to use the flip tasks for a different data set, like a compounding or clinical side of the pharmacy.

Abort/Escape Functions

While in the FILL or EDIT screens, you can use the Up Arrow to back-step through the filling process.

If you need to quick exit from a screen, you can press F12 on your keyboard, and you will be stepped back to the last menu you were in.

Quick Jump Function Keys

In most menus, file maintenance screens, the FILL, and the EDIT screen, there will be options at the bottom of the screen that correspond with your Function Keys at the top of your keyboard. These quick-jump options allow you to quickly navigate QuickSCRIP menus.

Quick-Jump Keys in Fill Screen

Not only can you jump to other screens with the F-keys, you can also use F12 to back-step through screens you've already been to.