GRITS Vaccine Manufacturer Codes

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The following are the manufacturer codes needed to send vaccines to the state of Georgia, via the GRITS system.

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Code List

Code Description
AB Abbott Laboratories(includes Ross Products Division)
ACA Acambis, Inc.
AD Adams Laboratories, Inc.
ALP Alpha Therapeutic Corperation
AR Armour [Inactive- use AVB]
AVB Aventis Behring L.L.C. (formerly Centeon L.L.C.; includes Armour Pharmaceutical Company)[Inactive – use ZLB]
AVI Aviron
BA Baxter Healthcare Corporation [Inactive- use BAH]
BAH Baxter Heathcare Corporation (includes Hyland Immuno, Immuno International AG, and North American Vaccine, Inc.)
BAY Bayer (includes Miles, Inc., and Cutter Laboratories)
BP Berna Products [Inactive- use BPC]
BPC Berna Products Corporation (includes Swiss Serum And Vaccine Institute Berne)
MIP Bioport Corporation (formerly Michigan Biologic Products Institute)
BTP Biotest Pharmaceuticals Corporation
CNJ Cangene Corporation
CMP Celltech Medeva Pharmaceuticals [Inactive- use NOV]
CEN Centeon L.L.C. [Inactive- use AVB]
CHI Chiron Corporation [Inactive – use NOV] (includes PowderJect Pharmaceuticals, Celltech Medeva Vaccines and Evans Medical Limited)
CON Connaught [Inactive- use PMC]
CSL CSL Biotherapies, Inc.
DVC DynPort Vaccine Company, LLC
DVX Dynavax, Inc.
EVN Evans Medical Limited [Inactive- use NOV]
GEO GeoVax Labs, Inc.
SKB GlaxoSmithKline (formerly SmithKline Beecham; includes SmithKline Beecham and Glaxo Wellcome)
GRE Greer Laboratories Inc.
GRF Grifols
IDB ID Biomedical
IAG Immuno International AG [Inactive- use BAH]
IUS Immuno-U.S., Inc.
INT Intercell Biomedical
KGC Korea Green Cross Corporation
LED Lederle [Inactive-use WAL]
MBL Massachusetts Biologic Laboratories (formerly Massachusetts Public Heath Biologic Laboratories)
MA Massachusetts Public Health Biologic Laboratories [Inactive-use MBL]
MED MedImmune, Inc.
MSD Merck & Co., Inc.
IM Merieux [Inactive-use PMC]
MIL Miles [Inactive-use BAY]
NAB NABI (formerly North American Biologicals, Inc.)
NYB New York Blood Center
NAV North American Vaccine, Inc. [Inactive-use BAH]
NOV Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation (includes Chiron, Powderject Pharmaceuticals, Celltech Medeva Vaccines and Evans Limited, Ciba-Geigy Limited and Sandoz Limited)
NVX Novavax, Inc.
OTC Organon Teknika Corporation
ORT Ortho-clinical Diagnostics (formerly Ortho DiagnosticSystems, Inc.)
PD Parkedale Pharmaceuticals (formerly Parke-Davis)
PWJ Powerject Pharmaceuticals (includes Celltech Medeva Vaccines and Evans Medical Limited) [Inactive- use NOV]
PRX Praxis Biologics [Inactive- use WAL]
JPN Research Foundation for Microbial Diseases of Osaka University (BIKEN)
PFR Pfizer, Inc
PMC sanofi pasteur (formerly Aventis Pasteur, Pasteur Merieux Connaught; includes Connaught Laboratories and Pasteur Merieux)
SCL Sclavo, Inc.
SEQ Seqirus
SOL Solvay Pharmaceuticals
SI Swiss Serum and Vaccine Inst. [Inactive-use BPC]
TAL Talecris Biotherapeutics (includes Bayer Biologicals)
USA United States Army Medical Research and Material Command
WA Wyeth-Ayerst [Inactive- use WAL]
WAL Wyeth-Ayerst (includes Wyeth-Lederle Vaccines and Pediatrics, Wyeth Laboratories, Lederle Laboraties, and Praxis Biologics) [Inactive - use PFR]
ZLB ZLB Behring (includes Aventis Behring and Armour Pharmaceutical Company)
OTH Other manufacturer
UNK Unknown manufacturer