Find Unused Drugs In Your Inventory

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Save money and shelf space by returning unopened and unneeded medications sitting on your shelf.

The report below will list all drugs in inventory that have not been used in a number of days set by you.

Run the Report

To run this report, go to the Pharmacy Main Menu.

Type 4 and Enter to go to the Reports Menu.

Type 2 and Enter to go to the Drug Reports Menu.

Type 1 and Enter to go to Drugs by Drug Name or NDC.

Type A and press Enter. Select the first drug in the list for the Beginning Drug Name.

Type all ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ across the Ending Drug Name.

On line 5, Switches, type /SDY/QH+

The example below shows the report being ran for 120 days. This would list all drugs that have quantity on hand but haven't been dispensed in 120 days.