Faxing Vaccine Updates

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Certain states require that doctors be sent notifications when a customer has been administered a vaccine. QuickSCRIP offers the ability to generate a message for a doctor, which can then be sent manually or though the integrated Activefax program.

If you are having difficulty billing insurances for vaccines or shots, click here.

Setup Vaccine Faxing

Setup the Business Control File

This feature will need to be switched on in your Business Control File.

  1. Start at the Pharmacy Main Menu.
  2. Choose Option 3 Utilities.
  3. Choose Option 3 Business Control File.
  4. Select Screen 6 Additional Rx Custom Screen #3.
  5. Set Line 30 to Yes.

Marking Drugs as Vaccines

Once the feature has been enabled, you will need to mark drugs in your file as vaccines. Quickscrip will promt for a fax on any drugs that are marked this way.

  1. Start in the Rx Processing Menu.
  2. Select Screen 11 Drug File Main.
  3. Search for a drug that you wish to mark and select it from the pick-list.
  4. On Line 38 you can choose to mark a drug as a vaccine from a menu.

Generating faxes

Once your Business Control File has been setup and your vaccine drugs have been marked, you are ready to generate these faxes in QuickSCRIP.

In the RXFILL Screen

QuickSCRIP will automatically promt you to generate a fax from the prescription processing (RXFILL) screen. The promt will also ask you to specify which doctor you wish to send the fax to.

Quickscrip will then print the fax on your report printer, unless you are integrated with Activefax, in which case we will forward the fax to the Activefax queue.