Due To Be Filled Report

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QuickSCRIP can generate a report of upcoming scrips that are due to be filled in the future. Running this report regularly can give you an idea of what scrips will need to be filled in upcoming days, and can be useful for pre-emptively filling scrips for recurring customers.

Running the Report

This report is part of the F7 Report / Rx by Customer Program.

  1. Start by entering Option 23 in the Rx Processing Menu or the F7 key in any of the major menus.
  2. On lines 5 and 6 enter a Future Date Range. Scrips with a day's supply that expires within that date range will be selected in the report.
  3. On line 4 Rx's to print: choose D for "Due to be filled".
  4. QuickSCRIP will ask you some questions to further refine the report:
    • A will print all Rx's whose days supply expires, regardless of whether they have refills left or not.
    • O will only print Rx's with refills remaining.
    • Z will only print Rx's with Zero refills left.
    • 1 will only print Rx's with less than one, but more than zero refills left. This will catch scrips that have some pills remaining on the scrip, but not enough for a full refill.
  5. If you wish to narrow the report by a customer or scrip number range, you can do so on lines 1 and 2.
  6. Once the report is setup as you need it, P will print to your report printer.

Additional Programs

In addittion to the above report, QuickSCRIP has other tools that can help with refilling scrips.

The Manual Refill Queue Program can be setup to alert you about upcoming refills at the bottom of the screen.

The Syncing Program works with the Manual Refill Queue to help keep a customer's scrips together in the same refilling cycle.