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QuickSCRIP offers the ability to search an off-site database provided by NPPES for NPI numbers. The NPI number can then be Inserted into the existing doctor or a new doctor can be Added to your Doctor File. In order for this feature to work, you must have a functioning internet connection.

Inserting an NPI into an Existing Doctor

  1. Start in the Rx Processing Menu and select 10 for the MD Doctor File Maint.
  2. Search for the Doctor you would like to update.
  3. Choose I for NPIFM and QuickSCRIP will connect to the off-site database.
  4. Now you can search the database for the doctor. A pick list will appear displaying possible matches. (This is a large database and may take a few seconds to compile.)
  5. Select the best match and review the displayed information. Be sure you have selected the correct doctor, then choose I to Insert the information into your doctor file. You will return to the Doctor File and the NPI will be updated.

Adding a Completely New Doctor

You can also add doctors from the NPI database into your doctor file. Search for the Doctor you want in the NPI look-up screen and Choose W to add the new doctor to your file.

Common Problems

If the NPI Look-up does not work, it could be due to connectivity issues with the off-site database. Be sure your internet connection is working, and if it is, we may need to restart the database server on our end. Please contact us at (866) 259-6091.