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QuickSCRIP offers the ability to print a delivery notification on your label. This can be used to provide a visual tag for differentiating between delivery, in-store, or other types of claims in your pharmacy. The notification can be set to print in many different locations and font sizes. Please contact Cost Effective Computers at (866) 259-6091 if you are interested in this feature.

Once the note has been setup on your label, you can use a verity of commands to mark scrips and customers. Any of the below commands can be places in the SIG lines of RXFILL or EDIT, the Comments line (line 11) on the Customer File Maintenance screen , or the Customer Notes (F11 from Customer FM).


  • /DELIV will print Delivery
  • /COUR will print Courier
  • /UPS will print UPS
  • /WCALL will print Will Call
  • /PICK will print Pick Up
  • /HERE will print Here
  • /MAIL will print Mail

Above command can also be paired with

  • /UD will print Unit Dose
  • /BP will print Blister Pack
  • /RP will print Repack
  • /CHKID will print Check ID