Delay Reason Code

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Some insurances require a Delay Reason Code to for claims that are being billed outside of normal coverage. These codes are sent in field NV-357.

To send the code, type /DRCxx (where xx is a two-digit code) in the SIG lines in RXFILL or EDIT.

Value Description
01 Proof of Eligibility Unknown or Unavailable
02 Litigation
03 Authorization Delays
04 Delay in Certifying Provider
05 Delay in Supplying Billing Forms
06 Delay in Delivery of Custom-made Appliances
07 Third Party Processing Delay
08 Delay in Eligibility Determination
09 Original Claim Rejected or Denied Due to a Reason Unrelated to the Billing Limitations Rules
10 Administration Delay in the Prior Approval Process
11 Other