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The Daily log is a prescription report that meant to summarize the daily activity for a pharmacy. The Report includes a breakdowns on sales and profit values, controlled drugs vs non controlled drugs, cash vs third party drugs, and an audit report on edits made to controlled claims.

Ideally, these reports should be run every day, and saved for record-keeping and audit purposes. In addition, they can be useful for reconstructing prescriptions that have been last due to hardware failure and data corruption.

Running the Daily Log

Note:All users need to be logged out before you can process the daily log.

  1. Start in the Rx Processing Menu
  2. Choose Option 20 Daily Log
  3. QuickSCRIP will ask "Process today's Scrips?"
    • Y will print everything in the daily log that was processed today.
    • N will print everything in the log that wasn't processed today.
    • E will exit the program without printing.
  4. QuickSCRIP will then display the segments of the log as it processes and prints them.
  5. QuickSCRIP will then ask if the log printed correctly.
  6. QuickSCRIP will then aks if you want to print the log again.
    • If N then QuickSCRIP will clear the log.
    • If Y then QuickSCRIP will keep the data in the log and continue to add to it.

We recommend clearing the daily log after you run it to keep the file from building up. If you need to rebuild the daily log so it can be reprinted, please contact us.

Daily Log Optional Settings

There are additional settings that allow you to modify the daily log. These settings can be found in the Business Control File.

  1. In Quickscrip, start in the Pharmacy Main Menu
  2. Choose Option 3 Utilities
  3. Choose 7 Rx Label and Report Customization
  4. Lines 22 through 25 are settings for the Daily Log Program.

Note: Please check with your local laws, along with drug inspector and DEA guidelines, to insure your daily log includes correct information.

22. Daily Log: Short, Combo, Long

Line 22 determines the overall format of the daily log.

  • S is the Short form of the Daily Log. It limits the log to one line per prescription. Data includes

Refill Number, Scrip Number, Original Date, Doctor, Patient, Schedule Number, Drug Name, Quantity, Amount Charged, drug cost, pharmacy initials, and Rx Type. This is format consumes the least amount of paper.

  • L is the Long Form of the daily log. It includes more information and dedicates three lines of the report

to each prescription. In addition to the short form, this format includes NDC numbers, Quantity Dispensed vs written, the doctor's address, the patient's address, and the profit %.

  • C is the Combo form. It uses the 1-line listing for non-scheduled prescriptions, and the 3-line listing

for scheduled drugs.

23. Prices on the daily log?

For pharmacies that want to exclude pricing information on their logs. Y will include this, N will not print prices on the log, and X will omit pricing from both the prescription list and the auto-charge portion of the log as well.

24. Daily Log 3PI List?

In addition to a list of dispensed prescriptions, the Daily Log can include a page that breaks down prescriptions by insurance company.

  • N will not print this page,
  • Y will print this list
  • S same as Y, but will print a separate page for each insurance company.

25. Daily Log Switches

Several custom switches can be put here to further influence how the daily log program works.

Switch Description
/A Omits the auto charge page.
/F Omits the profitability page.
/G Prints a summary page of 3rd party log entries.
/H Prints the time the scrip was filled on. Must use long form.
/I Omits the third party insurance page.
/2 Omits the Schedule 2 page.
/3 Omits the Schedule 3-5 page.
/R Does not print the prescription list. Prints the summary only.
/E DEA Audit report. Prints everything in 3-line format. Also includes /A /F and /I.
/X Sorts the log numerically by prescription number.
/Y Sorts by customer name.
/U Prints a signature line at the bottoms of schedule 2 and 3-5 pages.
/CP Prints copay price and cost
/LQ Prints a page for prescriptions with low profit amounts.
/SG Prints a page for prescriptions that were not signed for.
/Q Will NOT print gross profit % on the long form.
/K Removes the blank line between prescriptions on the long form.
/M Prints a certification statement above the pharmacists siganture line.
/O Includes On-file scrips on the report. (By default, these are ignored as they haven't been dispensed).
/Z Sets /2/3/A/I/R switches at once. Removes all additional pages beyond the prescription list.