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Dispense as Written Codes

Many insurances require a Dispense As Written Code (DAW) be included on an electronically transmitted claim. Sending the incorrect code and influence insurance reimbursement or even cause a claim to reject entirely.

DAW List

Dispense as Written Code List

Code Description
N or 0 Not Brand Nessesary or Generic
M or 1 Doctor Specified Brand Nessesary
C or 2 Patient Requested Brand
P or 3 Pharmacist Selected Brand
G or 4 Generic Drug not in stock
B or 5 Brand Drug Dispensed as a Generic
V or 6 Override Code
L or 7 Brand Mandated by law
A or 8 Generic Drug not available in Marketplace
O or 9 Other

HCC Medicare DAW Code List

Code Description
N or 0 will cause a reject for Invalid DAW
M or 1 Purchase Accepted Assignment
C or 2 Purchase No Assignment
P or 3 Rental Accepted Assignment
G or 4 Rental No Assignment
B or 5 Used Equipment Accepted Assignment
V or 6 Used Equipment No Assignment
L or 7 Purchase Accepted Assignment Rebate
A or 8 Purchase No Assignment Accepted Rebate

QuickSCRIP Settings

QuickSCRIP has many options and settings that can influence how and when you can enter a DAW code.

Insurance File Maintenance

You can access the Insurance FM screen by choosing number 14 from the Processing Menu, hitting F6 in the FILL screen (which will take you to the primary insurance), or by choosing F9 (Which will take you to the Customer File Maintenance Screen) and selecting an insurance from there.

Note: Changing a setting in the Insurance Vendor File will only affect that specific insurance vendor.

Dispense as Written? (Line 17)

  • Y will always prompt for the DAW.

Program RXC (Line 20)

  • /WAx you can set x = DAW code. Will default to this code, and NOT prompt user for DAW.
  • /WQx you can set x = DAW code. Will default to this code, but will still ask user during fill process.
  • /WN defaults to NO on the DAW question.
  • /WDR Uses the default DAW code in the drug notes line.
  • /W1 Limits DAW choices to No, Doctor Specified, or Customer Specified (0,1,2)

Business/Control File Settings

You can access the Business Control File from the Quickscrip Main Menu, choose option 3 for Utilities, and then choose option 3 again for Business Control File. As a shortcut, you can simply type UB from the Main Menu.

Note: Changes made in the Business Control File are system-wide, and will impact ALL insurances and how they behave in the FILL screen.

Additional Rx Custom Screen #1 (Option number 4)

  • Watch Brand Name DAW Code? (Line 18)
    • Y Quickscrip will warn you if you enter a DAW code other than Doctor Specified.
    • O makes the user type "OK" before you can proceed if you enter a DAW code other than Doctor Specified.
    • N Disables this feature. QuickSCRIP will not warn you.
  • Get DAW Code on All Rx? (Line 19)
    • N The DAW code will NOT be asked for in any instance.
    • Y The DAW code will ALWAYS be asked.
  • Get DAW on New Rx's Only (Line 20)
    • N will ask for DAW on New and Refilled Scrips.
    • Y will limit the DAW question to new scrips only.
  • Warn on Patient DAW code? (Line 21)
    • N allows the Patient Specified option, without any warning.
    • Y warns the user if the Patient Specified option is selected.

Note: Tennessee Law does NOT allow for Patient Specified DAW choice.

  • RXFILL: DAW Question Options (Line 22)
    • Allows the system to Limit the options available when QuickSCRIP prompts the DAW question. The number selected will be the highest allowed option. Selecting a 5 will limit the choices from 0 - 5.