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Many states require the submission of an electronic report listing dispensed controlled substances, along with customer data. While the details vary from state to state, running the report on QuickSCRIP is the same.

You will need to be registered with your state's Controlled Drug Monitoring Program, and your QuickScrip server will need to be setup to transmit the report. Please contact Cost Effective Computers for setup before running the steps below.

Running the Report

  1. Start from the Pharmacy Main Menu
    1. Select the Reports Menu (option 4)
    2. Select Rx Reports (option 1)
    3. Select Controlled Substance Report (option 19)
  2. Choose "D" to delete file (this will delete the previous transmission).
  3. Choose "P" to print (instead of printing the entire report, this will prompt QuickScrip to transmit it electronically)
  4. If the report has errors, QuickScrip will generate a list of found errors (on the report printer), then prompt the user:
  5. *T will transmit the report as is, including any errors it found, and move to the last step.
  6. *F will cancel the report, allowing you to fix these errors within QuickScrip and re-transmit the report again later.
  7. Quickscrip will transmit the report (CoreFTP or WinSCP may open temporarily) and a transmission summary will print on the report printer.

Note: When you enter the controlled substance report screen, you can see statistics on the last successfully transmitted report, including the date the report was sent, and the number of prescriptions included in the report.

Common Errors

The QuickScrip error report will list any prescriptions with potential errors, along with relevant fields of information we would transmit in the report. Missing fields and empty columns are likely culprits for errors.

Potential errors include:

  • Incomplete Address Information
  • Missing or Invalid Birthdays
  • Missing Gender Designations
  • Bad Drug NDC Numbers
  • Missing Doctor DEA numbers

Veterinary Claims

Some states may require you to report claims that are written by Veterinarians for pets. Designate these patients by adding /VET in the notes screen of the customer (F11 from the Patient File Maintenance Screen)

Automatic Transmission

QuickScrip has the ability to run these reports automatically. These can be scheduled to run daily, weekly, or monthly, and for any time that the Quickscrip server is on and the software is running. This method sends all ALL scrips with errors, as if you had chosen T in the above steps. Any errors in the report should be emailed to you by your state's Drug Monitoring Program.

Please contact Cost Effective Computers if you are interested in using this feature.