Introducing the new QuickSCRIP Dashboard!


QuickSCRIP is announcing our newest feature, the Dashboard!

All the features of the Dashboard are designed to give you a snapshot of your pharmacy’s performance. The Dashboard can be set to open automatically, ready for you to view every morning, or it can be opened on demand in the Pharmacy Processing and Main Menus.

The top of the Dashboard has tabs that allow you to see data by date range. Data can be displayed for today, yesterday (default), month-to-date, last month, year-to-date, and for last year.

Beneath that, you will find important features and upcoming products for your pharmacy system. These images are clickable links, and will change from time to time as new updates are posted.

On the left-hand side, we display a pie-chart of payer distribution, with indications for cash, charge, Medicaid, and Third Party. This can give you an idea of how the bulk of your prescriptions are being paid for, and can allow you to fine tune your marketing and customer outreach.

The middle section displays how many prescriptions have been filled for the selected time frame. Under this is a breakdown of new vs. refill prescriptions, which is useful for estimating customer retention.

To the right-hand side, we show your profit margin, as calculated from Retail sales and Acquisition values.

On the bottom-left, a graph indicates sales by the hour of the day. Over time, these numbers can be used to find trends to help with staffing and workflow planning.

To the bottom right, we display detailed prescription profit information. This data can be sorted in ascending or descending order by the columns. The slider above this display can allow you to narrow down the report further. Similarly to the profit pages on your daily log, you can search for low profit prescriptions (highlighted in red) to see if they need corrections, and you can search for unusually high profit prescriptions to catch and correct prescriptions that might trigger audits.

We have added a new column to the detailed prescription box: Paid as Sent. Prescriptions that are marked this way were accepted by an insurance, and paid exactly the amount that was asked for. You can examine these prescriptions to make sure that they aren’t being billed under contract, or are being billed for the correct amount. With this tool, you can ensure you are getting reimbursed the most for your claims.

The Dashboard is available for setup by request, and requires that your system be using the new dual billing programs. Please contact us if you are interested in this feature.