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* Tennessee
* Tennessee
* Ohio
* Ohio
* Virginia
* Virginia  
Additionally, these states charge an annual fee of $120 to access the database.
* Georgia
* Georgia
* North Carolina
* North Carolina

Revision as of 14:54, 25 May 2021

QuickSCRIP now offers the ability to access a specific patient’s PMP (Prescription Monitoring Program) history on demand. This function opens the PDMP/Appriss website in a web browser, with the patient’s search criteria per-entered, allowing you to access their submitted controlled prescription history with a keystroke.

Signing Up

To enroll in the PMP lookup service through Appriss Health, visit their integration page, linked here: ApprissHealth PMP Integration Site.

If your state is listed with one of the blue hyperlinks, click it and fill out the respective form. If your state is NOT listed, fill out the form on the right side of the page. When you reach the Technical Information section, please populate the fields with the information provided in the image to the right.

Website Form Info

After enrollment is complete, Appriss will contact us. This process may take a few days.

It is our understanding that the following states allow access to PMP lookup free of charge.

  • Alabama
  • Tennessee
  • Ohio
  • Virginia
  • Georgia
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina.

Please Note: State’s availability and fees may change over time.

Using the Feature

Once enrollment is complete and integration has been enabled, using the PMP lookup is easy!

  1. Start in the Rx Processing Menu
  2. Choose 13 Patient File Maintenance
  3. Search for a specific patient, and select them from the pick-list
  4. Type PMP and press Enter

You will then be redirected to a Web Browser which will display the PMP Lookup site.

We plan to add this lookup feature to the RXFILL and EDIT screens in a future update.

Additional Information

PMP tracks the DEA number of the pharmacist that logs into the PMP website. By default, we use the information attached to the specific pharmacist set as the Default Pharmacist in the QuicSCRIP control file.

To change QuickSCRIP’s default pharmacist:

  1. Start in the Rx Processing or Pharmacy Main Menu
  2. Enter UB and enter to go directly to the Business Control File
  3. Select Screen 5 Additional Rx Custom Screen 2
  4. The Default Pharmacist is set on line 9

To change the information affiliated with the Default Pharmacist:

  1. Start in the Rx Processing or Pharmacy Main Menu
  2. Enter UB and enter to go directly to the Business Control File
  3. Select Screen 28 Quick Pharmacist ID Maintenance
  4. Search for the Pharmacist by name or initials. Information can be updated here

For pharmacies that wish to prompt the user for an individual pharmacist’s info every time they access the PMP site, we will introduce that feature in a future update.