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Certain insurances require that a unique suboxone DEA be transmitted on specific claims. You will need to flag any suboxone drugs in your Drug File Maintenance database, and you will need to attach the suboxone DEA number to the doctor in question.

Setting up a Drug

You will want to mark all suboxone drugs, along with any drugs that have suboxone as an ingredient.

  1. In QuickSCRIP, start in the Pharmacy Processing Menu.
  2. Choose Option 11 Drug File Main.
  3. Search for a drug by Drug Name.
  4. On Line 38 Code line, you can select from a menu to mark this drug as a suboxone or subutex drug
    • If there is all ready code on this line, you may have to press A to add code and access the menu.

QuickSCRIP will check for a Suboxone DEA on any drugs that have been marked this way.

Setting up a Doctor

You will need to link the doctor to his suboxone DEA. Only doctors have been approved to issue suboxone prescriptions will be issues this number.

  1. In QuickSCRIP, start in the Pharmacy Processing Menu.
  2. Choose Option 10 Doctor File Main.
  3. Search for a doctor by name.
  4. Press F11 to bring up the notes screen for this doctor.
  5. On an empty line add /SUBOX=xxxxxxxx (where xxxxxxx is the Suboxone DEA)

Additional Features

QuickSCRIP can be set to warn you if you attempt to dispense a Suboxone of Subutex drug without an appropriate DEA number.

  1. In QuickSCRIP, start in the Pharmacy Main Menu.
  2. Choose 3 for Utilities.
  3. Choose 3 for Business Control File.
  4. Select Option 4 Additional Rx Custom Screen 1.
  5. Select Line 5 Warn Disp Suboxone? and choose an option.
    • Y QuickSCRIP will warn you when you try to dispense a Suboxone Drug and the doctor does NOT have a certified DEA.
    • N QuickSCRIP will NOT check for suboxone drugs or DEAs.
    • O Is the same as Y but you are forced to type OK before you can continue filling the prescription.
    • S Will STOP the claim from being filled if the doctor does not have a certified DEA.