Pharmacy 2014 End-Of-Year

These instructions are reapeated in the Payroll 2014 End-Of-Year Instructions Note: Run End of Year after December End of Month and before January End of Month. Do NOT run End of Year after January End of Month. Please make sure to only run End of Year one time! To wrap up the year in QuickScrip, there are a few steps you need to do. BEFORE YOU DO ANY OF THE STEPS BELOW, BE SURE YOU HAVE RUN YOUR NORMAL MONTH END PROCESSES FOR DECEMBER, just like you would for any other month. After running your normal month end procedures, do the following for the year end processes: From the Pharmacy Main Menu, run #7 End of Year Processes.

Enter ‘Y’ at the prompt (Yes, it is time to do End of Year processes.)

Enter the access code, which is EOY

This should take you to the End of Year Menu. If not, repeat steps 1-3


In the End of Year Menu, run steps 1, 2, 6, and 10.

Note that the end of year programs only need to be ran in the right

month (January) for them to work. The computer does not care which day

in January you run the end of year programs as long as it is AFTER

your December 31 month end and BEFORE your January 31 month end.

For nursing home users, End of Year works the same way as your retail


For payroll users, we will call you with new tax tables when they become available.