Upgrading to Windows 10 May Cost You Money


At this time, we recommend that you do not upgrade your server to
Windows 10. A few systems have crashed during the upgrade process. At
the least, you will have some down time the following morning while
lost settings are recovered.

If you use Active Fax, older versions do not support Windows 10.
Upgrading to the latest version of Active Fax will cost $75.

If you use a signature pad device, the Ingenico i6780 is not
compatible with Windows 10. If you upgrade a system using the
Ingenico i6780, you will either have to replace the pad, or attempt
to uninstall Windows 10. Windows 10 must be uninstalled within 30 days.

We have also learned that a particular Windows 10 update will stop
all parallel ports from working. Your QuickSCRIP License coder and/or
printers may use parallel ports. Please consider all of these issues
before upgrading to Windows 10.

If your computer is prompting you to install Windows 10, we have a
program that can remove the update prompts and help protect your
system from the update.


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