Sync Scrips This Year

Start the year off right by offering to Sync medications for your patients. Syncing prescriptions will allow you more freedom to choose when to fill reoccurring prescriptions. Syncing can also improve Star Ratings through Medication Adherence and increase the number of times prescriptions are filled each year.

Setup The Customer:

Go to the Pharmacy Main Menu
Choose 13, Patient File Maint.
Find the patient to Sync
Hold Shift + F10 to enter the Sync Program
A allows you to add scrips.
D allows you to remove scrips.
V lets you view Sync scrips.
P prints out a list of Sync scrips.

Syncing Prescriptions:

Selecting A from the Sync Program allows you to choose the prescriptions you want to Sync. Move through the displayed prescriptions using the Arrow Keys. Press the Space Bar to select a prescription to Sync. You can select more than one prescription at a time.Once you have selected all of the prescriptions you want to Sync, press Enter to proceed or Escape to exit the program.

In the list, we highlight scrips we think you may want to Sync in teal. One prescription will be highlighted in red and has the highest copay. We recommend aligning the fill date of all prescriptions to this red prescription, but you may choose a different date.

After you have selected all desired prescriptions, type Y to continue or N to exit.

The program will now ask you for the number of days in the Sync Cycle. The cycle determines how often the prescriptions will reappear in the Refill Queue. Most users choose 28 days to fill the prescription a few days early or 30 days to fill at the exact time.

You will also need to enter the first date you want these presciptions to appear in the Refill Queue. Enter the date in mmddyy format.

The patient’s prescriptions are now in the Sync program.

You can fill and view Sync prescriptions by going to the Rx Processing Menu.
Choose 9, Refill Que

These programs should already be installed in your system, but please call us if you have any issues or would like further help. You can also check out our Wiki guide here!