Show Drug and/or Scrip Location (Label or POS)

We can now print the Shelf Location and Scrip Location on labels. You will have this update after running the May 2019 MediSpan Update. Call us to add this information to your label. We were already able to show you the Scrip Location in the POS and Signature Capture Programs. Screen shots can be found below.
To set the Shelf and Scrip Location for a drug, pull up the drug in Drug File Maintenance. Type O2 to go to screen 2. Lines 25 and 26 allow you to type in the desired locations.
The information can be printed anywhere on your label as displayed above next to the red arrow.
The Scrip Location will show up in the Location column in Signature Capture and the line will be highlighted in yellow.
Click the yellow Location Button in the POS system to show the location of each prescription highlighted in yellow.