QuickSCRIP Webinars – Take Control of Your Profits

NEW Webinars!

Cost Effective is beginning a webinar series on using QuickSCRIP to
the fullest for your pharmacy’s success. These webinars will include
tips, training, and product information.

Our first Webinar will be on Wednesday, 6/7/17, at 7:00 PM EST. This
webinar will focus on PROFIT and our new Dashboard. We will also talk
about what we are doing for 795 compound regulations, MedGuides, and
our new texting product.

Please call or e-Mail us your e-Mail address to signup for the
webinar. The meeting is limited to the first 50 users.

We will also be providing a recording of the meeting for those that
cannot attend. Please send us your e-Mail as well so we send you a
link to the video.


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