Q4: Medi-Span Updates Have Shipped!


Medi-Span updates were shipped Friday, November 10th. Please watch your mail.
If you want to go ahead and download the update, please give us a call.
We will need to shutdown QuickSCRIP to install the update.

REMINDER: When you run the update please tell AVG to ALLOW.

Release Notes:


– Drugs can now be highlighted so that they stand out in the picklist. (DrugFM, line 38)
– Fixed printing text messages from the text queue.
– Added shortcut to go from patient profile to their account balance screen and back.
– Added ability to print from /ALERT screen.

Signature Capture

– Fixed problem in Sign for Scrips that wasn’t filtering scrips already signed for.
– Added title text and pharmacy name to main screen. Create Delivery screen tables will now sort by rx number.
– Only update if version number is higher than current.
– Fixed problem in Create Delivery when checking if the scrip is already in the tablet. Make QuickPOS barcodes compatible.
– Added updater and check for updates button in settings screen. Added version number label in settings screen.
– Removed Cancel and Skip buttons when customer is signing for a scrip. Fix View Scrips screen.
– Removed big scroll bars because you can scroll with touch. Add stats to Upload screen.
– Make keyboard pop up when you tap an input box.
– Added fullscreen when app is launched. Change program font.
– You can now add comments to deliveries. Button for this in the Sign for Scrips screen.
– Added dropdown menu to select data group in Create Delivery screen. Added driver mode button that only allows sign and delete scrips.
– Added Remove Signature button when they go into driver mode.


– Added Gift Receipt to Return screen.
– Fixed End of Day (PDF) report when printing for all registers combined.
– Added Next/Prev in Return screen.
– Added Till # and Charge amount to Return screen.
– Show correct amount on voids in Return screen.
– Show returned items on receipts for voided transactions.
– Support for McKesson price updates.
– Support for Smith price updates.
– Fixed problem in Sales Reports screen with doing till counts.
– Removed the return reason box, now you must type the reason in the text box next to void/return buttons.
– Cancel button now reloads settings and any newly created buttons.
– Speed up time to print receipts.
– Fixed labels for fives and tens on cash deposit report.
– Fixed discount calculation if discounting multiple items on a single line.

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