Q3: Medi-Span Updates Have Shipped!

Medi-Span updates were shipped Friday, August 18th. Please watch your mail.
If you want to go ahead and download the update, please give us a call.
We will need to shutdown QuickSCRIP to install the update.

REMINDER: When you run the update please tell AVG to ALLOW.

Release Notes:


  1. Added field in patient profile to enter a date noting when the profile was ‘last updated’. Added a way to print this date on the label.
  2. POS terminals runnning QuickSCRIP can now utilize F4 from the edit screen to view the signatures.
  3. Refill queue (menu option 9) will now show the days supply and quantity.


  1. Added date range filter to MTD, Last Month, YTD, and Last Year view.
  2. Fixed date not displaying correctly in the Rx Analysis chart.

Signature Capture

  1. Fixed delivery signatures to show the date and time they were signed for.
  2. Fixed delivery to allow multiple HIPPA signatures.


  1. Added OTC reorder report.
  2. Inactive charge accounts can now only accept payments.

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