Partial a C2 Prescription

We have SIG commands that can be used to partial C2 prescriptions. Please read the explanations below:

/C2SAME – Use this command if an insurance will not pay for the full quantity of the dispensing. C2SAME will allow you to partial the dispensing on the same day, allowing you to create a cash dispensing for the remaining quantity.

/C2PART30 – Use this command if the patient cannot afford to purchase all of the medication at one time, or in cases where the law requires you to dispense the medication by a smaller days supply. This command can be used to partial the prescription within 30 days of the date written.

/C2PART with /LTCFC2PART will allow you to partial a prescription within 3 days of the original date. This command was first used for Hospice and Long Term Care. This command also required /LTCF in the patient’s third party notes. While this command still works, /C2PART30 can be used instead.

If you have issues using these commands, please give us a call.