Medguides with Carepoints

QuickSCRIP now integrates with PDR Carepoints to provide Medguides, Vaccine Information Statements, and Value Adds for your patients.

Carepoints is a comprehensive patient education program, which generates documentation to be given to the patient. Pharmacies receive compensation for Carepoints documents that are given to patients.

Medguides are personalized messages to be given to your customers when they pickup their prescriptions. Like Drug Monographs, Medguides provide the customer with relevant information about their medication. The main difference is that Medguides are written to be easy to read, use less resources to generate, and are written with an emphasis on customer medication adherence.

Vaccine Information Statements (VIS) are informative guides that can be distributed to your customers. They discuss the benefits and risks of vaccinations along with the types of vaccines available.

ValueAdds are custom printouts to connect your customers to your pharmacy. You can use this space to inform your customers about in-store evens and offers. ValueAdd allows you to customize a message, then set parameters to determine what customers should receive it.

Carepoints is free to use. Contact a Cost Effective Computers Representative if you are interested in using these programs.