Have you tested your faxmodem lately?

We’ve all been there. A nearby traffic accident upsets a telephone pole, severe weather causes power surges, or maybe your internet service provider is running maintenance. Either way, your internet connection is about to drop.

While it can be mildly inconvenient for most people, losing internet can be a critical setback for a pharmacy. During those few hours, you may be unable to transmit insurance claims electronically. This can cause backlogs of prescriptions, work pileups, and frustrated customers.

At Cost Effective Computers, we try to ensure that each of our customers is equipped with an emergency backup faxmodem, which allows you to send electronic claims over your telephone lines until your normal internet connection is restored.

We encourage our users to periodically test your faxmodems, so you can be sure it works when you need it most.

For instructions on testing your faxmodem, click here.