Georgia Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Changes

Georgia is changing their vendor for the Prescription Drug Monitoring
Program. You may continue to upload the control substance report
through 6/30/16. Starting on 7/1/16, you will be unable to upload your
control substance report until at least 7/11/16.

The new vendor will accept files on 7/11/16, but you will have to be
approved by the state administrator first. The state administrator
will start approving accounts on 7/11/16. You are able to register
for an account at this time. The following link will take you to the
registration page.

Under the data submission section, choose SFTP access. You will need
to make a SFTP username and password.

DataSubmission_ss(the username will auto-populate during account creation)

Email your username, password, NABP, and contact information to

Cost Effective will need to get on your computer to setup the new
account. We will begin setup in the next few weeks.


Cost Effective Computers