ACQ and After Rebate Pricing

We have made changes to allow you to view pricing in the Fill Screen and QuickPrice for ACQ and DIR. We are putting the after rebate pricing in the DIR field.

To utilize this, you will need to receive your ACQ and after rebate drug price from your wholesaler in an 832 price update. Currently McKesson will send the after rebate price if requested. If you use AmeriSource, Cardinal, or another vendor, you will need to contact your drug rep and request they start adding the after rebate prices to the drug file.

The next two images below show the same script. The first is showing the ACQ price. The second is showing cost based on the after rebate price in the DIR field

To turn this feature on, type UB from any Menu.
Then Choose #3 for Rx Pricing Customization.

Change #20, Use ACQ Profit? to one of the following:
Y: Profit will be calculated from ACQ
W: Same as Y and will warn if Retail is less than ACQ
O: Same as W, but you will have to type OK if Retail is less than ACQ.

Change #42, Toggle ACQ/DIR Profit? to Y.

If you don’t see these options, please contact us to update your software.