Month: November 2018

Q4: Medi-Span Updates have shipped!

Medi-Span updates were shipped Friday, November 16th. Please watch your mail. If you want to go ahead and download the update, please give us a call. We will need to shutdown QuickSCRIP to install the update. REMINDER: When you run the update please tell AVG to ALLOW. Thanks!

Refill Request on Last Refill

The system can prompt you to send a refill request to the prescriber when you are dispensing the last available fill for a prescription. Y – Will send the refill request over SureScripts, ActiveFax, or print the fax. N – Will not send a refill request and allow you to continue filing the prescription. T Read More …

ACQ and After Rebate Pricing

We have made changes to allow you to view pricing in the Fill Screen and QuickPrice for ACQ and DIR. We are putting the after rebate pricing in the DIR field. To utilize this, you will need to receive your ACQ and after rebate drug price from your wholesaler in an 832 price update. Currently Read More …